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Brake pads, graphite as a basic element for their development

Break pads are indispensable for a correct automotive braking or in different machines.

Brake pads, graphite as a basic element for their development

Brake pads are designed to generate friction on the disc and thus gradually bring the car to a stop to avoid accidents.

It is important to replace them according to the amount of time they are used, so it is recommended to check brake pads frequently. The deterioration can be detected in two situations: the first is that they generate a squeaking sound as a warning of the beginning of its corrosion and the second, a warning of wear is marked on the dashboard of the cars.

What are the types of brake pads?

At present there are different types of brake pads, the most used are in the automotive industry, but they are also used in large machinery in other industries.

  • Ceramic: they have ceramic and copper fiber, to control the braking power by having high temperatures; making the part recover faster to be able to work again.
  • Organic: Mostly use graphite powder. This element allows maximum adhesion and above all gives you a great quality in the piece.
  • Semi-metallic: the duration of these parts is long, with great quality and above all with excellent results.
  • Metallic: they have iron in their structure, to be able to work in situations where the piece gets wet or is simply dry.

It is important to mention the differences between Ceramic vs carbon brake pads; since the first one has a higher production cost, they do not adapt so easily, they can wear more frequently the pieces that are around them. The second option, has a higher resistance, but at the same time the wear is also more frequent.

How to check brake pads?

It is recommended, according to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS 105 and FMVSS 135, an approximate of 200 stops, so that the materials adapt to each other and to the friction.

If, when generating the braking, the machine shows some kind of vibration, it is a clear indicator of needing a change. It also applies, when in cars, the tires are getting cleaner and cleaner. This, since when braking, they do not release the same amount of graphite to stop the movement.

Also the brake pad cleaner, allows you to remove any kind of dirt that may compromise the proper functioning of the pads and machinery in general. It is worth mentioning that in ESGRAF we have powder material for the perfect production of brake pads.


The pads are indispensable for a correct automotive braking or in different machines. In addition to ensure the correct operation and safety, to use or work with it. It is very easy to detect any problem they have, thanks to the graphite, since it shows the type of operation they have.

For example, if they are not working properly, they will not generate graphite dust. They will also not have the same amount of material, i.e. the graphite will be reduced.